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Eazy Treezy - Drop-in Christmas Tree Stand - Fits Living Trees up to 10 FT Tall

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Eazy Treezy Christmas Tree stand, finally, an easy way to put up a Christmas tree*

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Now out of stock but smaller model available for up to 8ft trees on our site from 2nd December.

Key Dimensions

  • Base: 57cm (22.5") Large diameter for extra stability
  • Trunk Diameter: 6.3cm - 14cm (2.5" - 5.5")
  • Maximum tree height: 3.05m (10ft)

A Christmas tree stand has two jobs: keep your tree upright and hold water for the tree to stay fresh.

Why do other Christmas tree stands make it so infuriatingly difficult get those two jobs done?

I embarked on this quest to solve the problem of terrible Christmas tree stands in 2012 after an awful experience that turned out to be the last straw. I had a few simple requirements from the Christmas tree stand I would accept: One-step tree install, a water basin that is easy to check and refill, and fast removal. And, of course, do all this while being safe and without costing a stupid amount of money.


It’s all in the jaws

Ditch the screws, we all know they’re awful. They take forever to adjust, you have to lay on the ground, someone else has to hold the tree, and in the end it’s never quite right. The Eazy Treezy is designed so that the weight of the tree opens the jaws effortlessly, but once in, the tension bands squeeze the angled sliding jaws, with patent pending uni-directional linear ratchets, up against the trunk of the tree on five sides holding it straight up, no tipping. And because of the large contact patch on each jaw surface, it does this without digging into and weakening the tree.

Then there’s the water

If you want a green, fresh smelling tree for the entire Christmas season, your tree needs water…lots of it. If it’s so important, then why is it so hard to add water to tree stands? And equally as tough to even know when your water level is low? Our easy check and fill spout is the answer. The water basin juts out to nearly the edge of the base, down low where it’s easy to see the water level and easy to reach and refill. It holds a little under a gallon. No guessing, no crawling, no spills, and no more dry, smelly trees.


The Eazy Treezy accommodates trees from 4 feet tall to 10+ feet (with trunk diameters from 2 1/2 inches to 5 1/2 inches) and it does this automatically. The jaws self-centre the trunk and self-adjust to any diameter. Even crooked trunks or branch stumps aren’t a problem because each jaw slides independently.

*ONE PERSON, Fast Self Assembly & Easy Removal!

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