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Pack of 5 Solid Wood 42cm Tops Hangers

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Solid Wooden 42cm Tops Hangers

Available in:

  • Wood: Solid Maple or Solid ASH
  • Size: 42cm Wide, 12mm deep
  • Finish: Natural (A), Lacquered (B) & Cherry Stain (C)
  • Model: WTO442
We focus on your individual needs and our wooden hangers are truly original.
By choosing one of our wooden hanger ranges you have selected a fascinating natural material which offers endless possibilities to enhance your wardrobe and take care of your clothes.
Our classic wooden hangers look great and are the perfect choice for those who take pride in looking after their clothing.


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Finishes available:

A - Natural Wood:

The beauty of the wood is clear, these hangers are sanded by hand to give a beautifully smooth finish that is completely untreated and free from artificial lacquer or colour stains. This hanger is an expression of natural beauty at is best.

B - Lacquered Wood:

To enhance the beauty of the wood and make it a more resilient we have applied a clear lacquer to these hangers. The lacquer once applied to natural wood delicately darkens the grain giving a brilliant contrast of colour, by far the most dramatic and contemporary of our wooden hanger range.

C - Stained Wood

Cherry stained lacquer is applied to give a more traditional appearance to these hangers. A very light application is applied to ensure that the beauty of the wood is not hidden behind the stain.