CarGo Seat – Car Seat and pull along luggage case for kids going places – 4 colours to choose from - BORDERS HOMEWARES by Mainetti UK

CarGoSeat – Car Seat and pull along luggage case for kids going places – 4 colours to choose from

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CarGoSeat's Best Bits

  • CarGoSeat can be installed in seconds
  • It meets UK & EU regulation ECE R44/04 safety standards and has been rigorously crash tested, so you can rest assured your own precious cargo is safe
  • In a few simple steps, the booster transforms easily into a lightweight wheeled case with pull-along handle, helping kids to feel all grown up
  • The case offers oodles of space (10L) to pack their most treasured possessions
  • A washable seat pad and fully plastic body make inevitable spills and stains easy to remove
  • CarGoSeat has no metal parts and the clasp is easy to open for little fingers
  • A 12 month warranty gives CarGoSeat owners peace of mind
  • Available in four bright colours – Purple, Green, Pink and Blue – your little ones will be easy to spot in busy airports, train stations or hotels
  • When you’ve finished with your seat, you can send it back to CarGoSeat, who will recycle the product free of charge for you, lessening the impact on the environment
  • Dimensions: Length 395mm, Width 406mm & Height 148mm 


Safety First

Our main priority at CarGoSeat is keeping children safe. We have put the CarGoSeat through vigorous safety tests including crash testing and seatbelt positioning complying with UK & EU safety standards and regulations.

Safety Features

  • CarGoSeat is suitable for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller.
  • The booster meets the current UK & EU safety standard ECE R44/04 regulation.
  • CarGoSeat has been rigorously crash tested to meet UK safety standards.
  • Easy to use seatbelt positioning guide ensures the belt is at the right place on the child.
  • CarGoSeat fixes in any car using the built in 3-point seatbelt.


Our Story

When inventor, Gary Burns, found himself paying a small fortune for grubby booster seats with questionable safety standards on holiday in Spain, he had a light-bulb moment. Standing next to the seats and luggage, waiting for their hire car to arrive, CarGoSeat was born…
...Gary’s light-bulb moment led to him creating the genius product we now know as CarGoSeat. He combined a lightweight, safe booster seat for a child weighing 22kg to 36kg and a height of 125cm or taller, with a spacious, funky, wheeled case, giving parents peace of mind about travelling safely and simply wherever they go next.

"A car seat and a suitcase all in one, who knew?! CarGoSeat is the perfect travel savvy option. Whether on the school run, a road trip, or on a flight this is a must have" - Laura Hamilton, TV Presenter.

"CarGoSeat is a great travel companion. It helps children learn to be responsible for their own things, whilst importantly easing some of the stress of travelling for parents" - Dr Amanda Gummer, Child Psychologist. 


Take the worry out of hiring a booster seat

The worry about the history of borrowed or rented seats, along with the added cost, and fear of not being able to get one at all in taxis or transfers, led Gary to design the lightweight, great value booster. CarGoSeat can be taken anywhere, providing a simple solution to a very real problem and offering total reassurance for parents.

We all know space is at a premium from the minute you have children, especially when travelling, so utilising empty space they are sitting on, gives heaps more room in the car. CarGoSeat also puts an end to the heartache of lost teddies or favourite things as the case closes securely, keeping all their important things safe.


Providing the ultimate solution to so much parenting stress, CarGoSeat is perfect for...

  • Flights – claim back your handbag and put all their flight essentials inside CarGoSeat, which fits easily into most overhead.
  • Holidays – once you arrive in paradise, CarGoSeat does away with the need for costly, battered, unsafe hire car seats.
  • Sleep-overs – oodles of room for PJs, toothbrush and midnight feasts after you’ve arrived safely.
  • Days out – snacks, drinks, activities and that favourite teddy can be safely stored and taken along.
  • Family – A perfect ‘second seat’ for grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who regularly look after your kids – there’ll be no more need for constant switching seats.
  • Eating out – unclip the CarGoSeat from your car, and kids can take their tablets, colouring books, magazines, and toys to keep them busy while you enjoy a meal out and simply wipe clean.
  • Delays and queues – If you’re waiting with kids for delayed flights, in long queues or anywhere else, CarGoSeat provides a comfy, on-the-go seat to rest tired little legs.
  • Take away the worry of hiring a booster seat.