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Dritek Hanger V2 versatile heavy-duty garment hanger - BORDERS HOMEWARES by Mainetti UK

Dritek Hanger V2 versatile heavy-duty garment hanger - Watersports, Biking, Sailing, Fishing, Hiking

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Manufactured and distributed in the UK by Mainetti from 100% recycled plastic.

Comprising of a unique, super-sized hanger frame, an adjustable strap and a high-load carabiner. Clip it on, hook it over, wrap it around, you can hang all types of garments, anywhere. It’s a great accessory to have at home or whilst away, you can look after you gear wherever you are.

  • PERFECT FOR WATERSPORTS, OUTDOOR PURSUITS AND MOTOR SPORTS: You most likely lead a very active lifestyle & you want to look after the expensive garments that look after you. How many times have you used a shirt hanger to hang your heavy or wet garments, only for it to break under the strain! NOT ANY MORE...
  • HANG YOUR WATERSPORTS, OUTDOOR GARMENTS AND PROTECTIVE GARMENTS ANYWHERE, INSIDE AND OUTSIDE: The Dritek Hanger's unique combination of a high-load, super-sized carabiner and high-strength, adjustable strap, allows you to hang your gear safely and securely anywhere. Designed by watersports and outdoor enthusiasts for surfers, sailors, stand-up paddle boarders, divers, kite surfers, wakeboarders, triathletes, bodyboarders, canoeists, motorcyclists, hikers, campers...the list goes on.
  • HANGS ANYWHERE: Holds up to a massive 30KGS. Our large carabiner clips on, wraps around or hooks over, whatever way you use it, it simply won't fail! Hangs from roof rack, balcony's, rails, trees, in fact anywhere you want to
  • MADE IN THE UK USING RECYCLED MATERIALS: The Dritek Hanger is made in the UK, made using recycled materials and is made to last a lifetime. No more sending hangers to landfill!!
  • DRY YOUR GARMENTS SAFELY AND SECURELY: Wetsuits, drysuits, outdoor clothing and protective garments don't come cheap, and they need looking after. Traditional cheap hangers are designed to hang dry clothing, indoors. So, it shouldn't be a surprise when they bend and break or leave your wet or heavy garments stretched and out of shape. The Dritek Hanger is designed to be gentle on fabrics ensuring that they are better maintained and last longer. It's an essential piece of kit for any water sports

         43.5cm wide