Pack of 10 Rainbow Trouser Hangers

Pack of 10 Rainbow Trouser Hangers

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Pack of 10 "Rainbow" Trouser Hangers

This is a great collection of fun hangers for your wardrobe with a modern look these coloured hangers look fantastic in any environment.

The rainbow trouser bar hangers are specifically design to hold one pair of trousers, made from the same durable material of the Rainbow range of hangers. The anti scratch finish on the bar adds gentle friction which helps to keep you trousers in position.

There are 10 different vibrant colours available and the rainbow trouser bar hangers come as a set of 10 hangers in the colour of your choosing. Also available, in the same range, are the rainbow tops, rainbow clip and rainbow jacket hangers so you can mix and match colours and types to create a truly unique wardrobe!

Please Note: Black have a silver Hook

Model: CFB36